From Oast to Coast

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Our rehearsals take place every Thursday at 7.30pm.

We meet at the Francis Road Church, Francis Road, Ashford TN23 7UR.

If you wish to come along to see what goes on you are very welcome. Contact Barry Andrews either by phone on 01233 632317 or by email to register your interest.

We are always on the look out for new members.  Whatever your singing range, get in touch and we will be able to tell you where you might fit into the chorus.  Most people can sing ... They often don’t know where the range of their voice lies. Just because you can’t sing along to songs on the radio doesn’t mean you haven’t got a useable voice.  You might be a bass with a range below pop songs, or a tenor and we need some more of them right now.  Come along and find out what you’ve got.   

Lindley Gram, our Musical Director, is an experienced barbershop singer.  He sings with groups and quartets in many parts of Europe and the USA.  His passion is ‘extreme quartetting’ where participants have to to learn as many as 12 songs ahead of an event and then sing them in any quartet configuration they are presented with. Lindley is comfortable singing bass or baritone and has a fine ear for the musical nuances of barbershop.

He took over the chorus in 2014 when David Holloway retired from the MD position. Lindley is assisted by Dave Austin and Jon Hayward.

Lindley Gram - MD

Barry Andrews - Secretary

John Jordan - Chairman